Employee Handbook

We encourage current employees and job seekers to acknowledge the following form, accept its policies, print and send us a signed copy. If one does not agree with the below-mentioned form, PharmaTech Staffing will discontinue delivering its services to an individual.

As per current legislation, job seekers looking for full-time employment are obliged to work at least 30-40 hours per week, and 130 hours per month on average, depending on the policies of one employer.

Job seekers looking for part-time employment are to work fewer than 30 hours per week on average, depending on the policies of one employer. The hours are subject to change if specified.

Both are granted either with temporary or indefinite duration contracts. Full-time employees who work under the indefinite duration contract are eligible for receiving full benefits package.

We inform that as per American legislation, the employment proceeds at-will, and once any party decides to discontinue or terminate a contract, it can happen at any time and for any reason.

Opportunities with Employers

Any employers who turn to us for recruiting accomplished pharmacists are obliged to provide equal job opportunities. There is no intolerance or discrimination. One employer should not base his search on the criteria of age, race, nationality, sexual orientation, and so on. And, regardless of one job position, there should be a healthy environment where everyone treats others with respect.

  • An employer should hire any job seeker only basing on one’s skills, experience;
  • An employer should accommodate specialists with a disability, and make advances with their special needs;
  • An employer should understand one’s language barrier and provide documents and contract in one’s language upon the request;
  • An employer should organize training or conversations to help one painlessly understand one’s responsibilities and duties.

In the case of violation of the mentioned rules, an employer can be penalized and be involved in legal proceedings. If any pharmacists hired with the help of our company faced any discrimination, we encourage them to report either to HR, or us.

How We Recruit

At PharmaTech Staffing, we have a certain procedure of recruiting that helps us identify accomplished and dedicated specialists who look for a job. However, at any time possible, we may review the applications from those who have just graduated and seek an internship.

Please, be ready to go through the following steps:

  • Give us a call or contact us via email;
  • Identify your purpose for seeking a job;
  • Decide on the type of employment, full- or part-time;
  • Receive available options from us;
  • Review the choices and understand whether you can comply with the mentioned job responsibilities;
  • Have an interview and discuss your requirements regarding the job such as salary changes, benefits, insurance, timeframes, etc;
  • Get approval or have another interview;
  • Receive an offer.

Steps may differ and depend solely on employers and employees. We may guide you through the successful interview process to exclude mistakes when selecting one company/candidate.

In case one is rejected, we continue our search to provide one with other choices. We communicate with the job seekers 24/7.

Refer an Expert

In case, one feels that any of the offered vacancies can fit one’s friend or colleague, feel free to address this information to us. Note, we accept only those referrals that have not turned to our services previously. Please, do not send one’s data or CVs, make sure a referral contact us personally to avoid the violation of personal information retrieving.

Please, indicate your initials and signature, and send it back to us if you agree with the terms.

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